A-9 Cabin Fever



Block:  A-9, Cabin Fever

Fabric:  Sturbridge Village, given to me by Simone

Colour Group:  Brown/Red

Date Completed:  26 April 2009

Number of Pieces:  45

Difficulty:  Advanced

Description:  Foundation pieced

Notes:  I love foundation piecing, so while this block was fiddly, it wasn’t particularly difficult.  The corner pieces of the square are done in two pieces, which doesn’t make a whole heap of sense if working in one print.  There is a variation for this block in the software that gives the corners as one piece.


Blocks:  2

Triangles: 0

Pieces so far:  73


About Kate

Sydney, Australia
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3 Responses to A-9 Cabin Fever

  1. 45 pieces! inconcievable!

  2. I gotta learn how to do this stuff!

  3. Lissa says:

    well you have done one more block than me! LOL I did A-1 and thought what the hell am I thinking???

    I need a new project like another hole in my head!

    I have the book, no CD or anything else..

    but apparently I have more than enough fabric *W*


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