A-7 Dad’s Plaids

Block:  A-7, Dad’s Plaids

Fabric:  Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Colour Group:  Brown

Date Completed:  7 August 2009

Number of Pieces:  8

Difficulty:  Beginner

Description:  Hand appliquéd, machine pieced.

Notes:  Instructions given for hand piecing this, including the leaf shapes.  I chose to appliqué onto background squares and piece and trim after.  Not sure I’m happy with the result.


Blocks:  6

Triangles: 0

Pieces so far:  141


About Kate

Sydney, Australia
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5 Responses to A-7 Dad’s Plaids

  1. cinzia says:

    OHHH don’t want to check this blog out too often. There are way too many wonderful blocks that I could die for and I just don’t have time. It is going to be beautiful when you finish.

  2. That looks like something I can do! It says “beginner” on it…

  3. The fabric in that block is fantastic and the design really sets it off!

  4. Toni says:

    Rolling, rolling, rolling….just keep rolling 🙂 You go girl! Another great block!

  5. ladyfrou says:

    I pieced my squares and appliqued the melons too… seemed a much easier solution to handpiecing.

    I like this a lot Kate… it’d be a keeper if it was me!

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