Fail #1

What is wrong with this picture?

Well, apart from the fact that the “cross” doesn’t line up, and that one of the triangle pieces moved and doesn’t have any seam allowance, not much.  LOL

It’s when you turn the block over, however, that you really see what’s wrong with it:


Yep, that red triangle topping a white stripe at the top is sewn to the wrong side of the block, using tiny, little stitches.

It gets worse.  This is the second time that unit has been stitched to the wrong side of the block.  I talk too much.

I’m not unpicking this block, I’m going to make it again.

In the immortal words of Arnie, I’ll be back.  LOL

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A-9 Cabin Fever



Block:  A-9, Cabin Fever

Fabric:  Sturbridge Village, given to me by Simone

Colour Group:  Brown/Red

Date Completed:  26 April 2009

Number of Pieces:  45

Difficulty:  Advanced

Description:  Foundation pieced

Notes:  I love foundation piecing, so while this block was fiddly, it wasn’t particularly difficult.  The corner pieces of the square are done in two pieces, which doesn’t make a whole heap of sense if working in one print.  There is a variation for this block in the software that gives the corners as one piece.


Blocks:  2

Triangles: 0

Pieces so far:  73

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A-1 ~ Pinwheel Gone Awry



Block:  A-1, Pinwheel Gone Awry

Fabric:  Dear Jane

Colour Group:  Green

Date Completed:  8 March 2009

Number of Pieces:  28

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Description:  Foundation pieced

Notes:  First effort, not too bad.  May re-do later.


Blocks:  1

Triangles:  0

Pieces so far:  28

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Well, hello there

Welcome to the chronicle of my prospective Dear Jane quilt. It’s a beautiful quilt, both the real one and the one in my mind.  I want one for real (at least sometime this millennium).

I’m not rushing on this one.  Well, when do I ever rush a quilt?

It’s very much a long term project, an If-I-finish-it-before-I-die-I’m-happy kind of long term.

I have the books, the rulers, the software, the Dear Jane fat (5”) jelly roll, and my existing Civil War repro stash, which will inevitably be “enhanced”.

The hard part was deciding whether to have a “plan” or just go totally scrappy.  I think I’ve decided to go with green, red, brown and a dash of cheddar.  Not much of a plan, but a beginning one.  I don’t think I’ll organise so much as to do particular blocks in correct colour groups, just make what I want and hope it all goes together at the end.

In my madder moments I wonder if I’ll do two quilts and make the second using my otherCW repros ~ blues, pinks, mauves and softer yellows.

Then I put the wine away. 😛

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